Episode 6

As Rebeccah got into her apartment, the shy woman following at her heels refused to do the same. “Come in,” she said, “please.” She led her to the bathroom, laid out a towel and some clean clothes. “Take a bath…afterwards, we’ll get something to eat.”

As the red-haired woman exited the bath, wearing Rebeccah’s cloths, Rebeccah noticed that she wasn’t pretty — she was gorgeous. She smiled wryly at herself for the flicker of jeelously, shaking her head to banish the thought.

After a good meal, Rebeccah arrived at the office. Throughout the drive, she could still see the fear in the red-haired woman’s eyes. She held her hand tightly.

“It’s going to be alright,” she said. Confidently, she brought the woman to the office. As she opened the door, and said, “hi”, she saw three laser dots, angrily crawling around.

“Step away from her!” cried Anthony.

“What did I do?” asked Rebeccah, bemused.

“Not you! You — Jenny — step away from Rebeccah and face the wall.”

“Have you gone insane?” asked Rebeccah, “after I got her to be a little less afraid, what — are — you” she could hardly contain her rage.

“Come in”, she hugged the woman apparently named Jenny, and led her to a couch. “Sit down, everything is all right.” Anthony has had enough. He pushed Rebeccah from Jenny, and again three red dots played over Jenny’s body.

“What have you told her? Do you have her under some spell?” Anthony asked, the old cop-interrogation-voice coming back naturally.

“I don’t know. I don’t remember my name, and I don’t remember doing spells.”

Rebeccah faced Anthony, “can’t you see the poor girl is scared to death? What do you think you’re doing?”

Anthony answered quietly, “She’s a wizard.”

“A wizard? But that…doesn’t…make…sense…why would she…”

“We’ve read some of their notes. She might not be dangerous right now…but I wanted to be sure. If she was dangerous, she would have reacted to the lasers. You know how the magic-addled are…”

“I do,” said Rebeccah, harshly. “Are you going to leave her alone?”

“For now. Come in, we have things to show you. We have lots of journals from that place…and it’s are not looking good.”


“Mind-control. Apparently Jenny here was an expert at mind-control.”

“But I thought the usual equations made it so few wizards find it useful…you have to use insane amounts of power, usually it is easier to do a thing with magic than to compel another to do it.”

“Precisely. A whole coven of those certainly spells trouble.”

“A whole coven?”

“Yes. Apparently Jenny led the coven, until something happened. It’s not clear what, but apparently this is what led to her state as permanently paralyzed. They used her mind as a focusing lens for their spells.”

A pained expression crossed Rebeccah’s face. The thought of a paralyzed Jenny for weeks on end was horrible, but this was much worse . For this much magic to pass through a person’s brain — it was a miracle Jenny was not a raving lunatic.

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