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Episode 4

Sprinting hard, Rebeccah and Owen joined Anthony and James.

“Anthony” Owen asked, “what we doing?”

“Oh,” said Anthony calmly, “what anyone in this situation would do. Go to plan B,” he continued, drawing another of the electrical-arc bombs from his damaged car. “Get ready, everyone. We’re due for some more fireworks.”

As the lightning arced from the bomb once again, the invisible way spreading until it reached the apartments. With the barrier already down, the results were even more spectacular. Every piece of magic inside sizzled and popped as the wave intersected it. Some exploded, some retained some of their magic and some became de-magicked completely.

The wizards who were closing in fell back, some falling from their horses as their spells of riding failed, some managing to keep a grip on, and the brooms all falling to the ground, their spell power diminished enough that they could not keep in the air.

The group pulled out the lasers. Now the fight was more balanced, but still wizards were coming for them — both those that had been outside already and those who had been inside.

“Owen, James,” Anthony said, “take care of the ones over here. Rebeccah and I will take the apartment.”

Owne and James pulled out their lasers, attempting to shoot down every spell before it reached them. Rebeccah followed Anthony, as he made sure that no spells left the apartment intact. The wizards, their brains infused with magic, offered little resistance now, as Owen pulled out his taser and made sure they were all knocked unconscious.

Anthony and Rebeccah got inside the apartment. The stench of herbs burning was horrific, and the stench of the zombies’ decomposing bodies — now that magic could not sustain them — was even worse. Rebeccah watched Anthony begin to punch out the wizards. The fight was earnest, but Rebeccah had no doubt who would win it, now that the wizards were without most of her spells. As she looked around her, she saw one person who escaped Anthony’s attention, probably because she was already huddled near a corner, her legs tucked in, rocking back and forth. She was muttering something under her breath. Fearing it was a spell, Rebeccah aproached.

“Help me, help me, help me” the woman said over and over again. “Help me” she said to Rebeccah, looking straight at her. “Help me, please.”

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